How To Post Audio Status On WhatsApp?

One of the most widely used mobile messenger applications worldwide is WhatsApp. More than 2 billion users favor WhatsApp because it is very easy to use and helps to make communication flawless. WhatsApp is completely free and also provides a significant number of customizations and tools. WhatsApp Status feature was announced in early 2017 and similar to Instagram Stories, WhatsApp status updates are only visible for 24 hours and allow for replying from your contacts. A status on WhatsApp can be an audio recording, a video, or a picture that describes what you’re doing, where you’re at, and a lot more. As users use their imagination to create wonderful posts to share with their friends and have fun with WhatsApp statuses, requests for information like how to post audio status on WhatsApp are very common on the internet.

Therefore, we have made this detailed post for you. We’ll give you a step-by-step thorough tutorial regarding how to post audio status on WhatsApp in this guide. All the necessary procedures will be covered like how to open your WhatsApp’s status tab, steps to record your audio, and share it with your phone’s contacts.

What is WhatsApp Audio Status?

Before moving on to how to post audio status on WhatsApp, let’s have a brief look into what is the audio status feature along with the four new features which WhatsApp launched this year.

On February 7, 2023, WhatsApp announced that its Audio Status function had begun to roll out. Users can submit brief recordings as status updates using the audio status feature. These recordings may last up to 30 seconds and are available for 24 hours on your status.

This feature has grown rapidly into a well-liked method for users to communicate their experiences, thoughts, and concepts with other users. Users who do not feel at ease in front of the camera or would rather not post pictures or videos have greatly appreciated this feature.

WhatsApp also unveiled the following four features along with the audio status feature: the status profile rings, status reactions, link previews, and private audience selector.

The “status profile rings” feature allows the users to add a colored ring around their account’s profile photo. This is an indication that they have updated their status. Status profile rings are going to be shown in the participant lists for groups, chat lists, and contact information.

Another new tool that lets users respond to their friends’ status updates is the “status reactions.” By rapidly selecting from several emojis, users can respond to their status updates.

Users will be able to display a visual sneak peek of the links they include in their WhatsApp status updates to their Instagram posts or YouTube videos, thanks to the “link previews” feature.

Lastly, with the “private audience selector” feature, users can quickly select privacy settings for each of their statuses to control the people that can see their status changes. On WhatsApp’s status screen, a new audience selector button appears; when clicked, a menu allowing users to manage the visibility of their status changes appears. For upcoming status updates, your most recent target choice shall be saved and it will be used by default.

To sum it up, these new features have made WhatsApp more interesting and convenient for its users, and have drawn more people to the app. Those who like to talk a lot and enjoy sharing things with others may find the Audio Status function to be especially helpful. For instance, if someone wants to share a specific experience, they can upload a picture of that particular experience to the Status and use the Audio Status feature to speak about it.

How To Post Audio Status On WhatsApp?

Follow the below steps and learn how to post audio status on WhatsApp:

1. On your WhatsApp home screen, navigate to the Status Dashboard first by selecting the ‘Status’ icon located at the center of the screen.

2. Hit the pencil-shaped icon at the lower right of your center screen to continue.

3. At the lower right of this screen, there is a microphone icon.

4. To start recording, tap and hold on to it and record your audio status.

5. Once you are done recording, let go of the microphone icon.

6. After you have finished recording, select the arrow icon in the lower right to post your audio status. If preferred, you can also include captions in your audio status.

7. Finally, your audio status will be posted and sent to your contacts.

You can easily create an Audio Status and post it on WhatsApp to express your emotions and thoughts to your contacts by following these easy steps. Make sure to hide your WhatsApp status from particular contacts if you do not want to share it with all of your contacts.

For 24 hours, the audio status will be available under the Status tab. It will immediately disappear after 24 hours, but you have the option to remove it sooner if you like.

How Safe Is WhatsApp Audio Status?

In this widely used digital environment, such as WhatsApp, data privacy and safety are significant concerns. Millions of users’ confidential data could quickly become exposed as a result of a cyberattack. However, you can relax because WhatsApp is comparatively safer than other messaging services like Instagram and Snapchat, particularly when security features are enabled.

To steer clear of any potential problems and protect your privacy, it’s critical that you make use of the audio status function carefully and securely. All of your WhatsApp contacts can see your audio status by default. This implies that it’s critical to give careful thought to which person will be able to see it.

Therefore, along with the knowledge of how to post audio status on WhatsApp, it is essential to learn how to restrict your privacy settings on who can see your WhatsApp audio status.

1. Restrict Your Privacy Settings

It would be beneficial if you took precautions to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your audio status among your preferred contacts. Setting private restrictions should be your first step. The primary settings menu is where you can find the privacy settings.

To increase security, you should restrict these options. By limiting the people that can see your WhatsApp status, you are going to prevent the threat of status privacy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Visit the “Status” option on WhatsApp
  • Choose “Privacy” by tapping the three dots (…) in the top right area
  • There are three choices available for you to choose from. You can either select “My contacts,” “Only share with,” or “My contacts except” as the recipients of your status changes

You may use WhatsApp’s Audio Status feature securely and without any problems by paying attention to these easy instructions.


WhatsApp’s Audio Status feature is a new, exciting way for users to share their precious moments with their loved ones. We hope this post has given you a clear direction and cleared any doubts you had regarding how to post audio status on WhatsApp. Feel free to comment down below and share your WhatsApp audio status posting experience with us. We would be glad to hear from you.

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