Instagram DMs Not Working: Here’s How to Fix it

Instagram is currently the most widely used social media platform in the world. Users can send and receive direct messages, which is one of its useful features. However, a lot of users have been pondering the reason why Instagram DMs no longer function for them. One of the reasons a user checks Instagram is for notifications about new posts, stories, direct messages, follow-up requests, and so on. As a result, a user’s frequency of checking their Instagram feed can be impacted if they do not receive notifications. “Instagram DMs Not Working” is the most frequently reported issue among Instagram users, across both iOS and Android platforms.

There are several solutions available if your Instagram DMs are not working for you. The causes of occasional DM malfunctions and solutions have been discussed in this article.


What are the common issues connected with Instagram DMs?

The glitches connected with Instagram DMs appear in various forms. Some of them are:

  1. Messages not showing – The first type of Instagram DMs not working error occurs when you try to open your direct messages on Instagram but get no response. This could be caused by several things, like incorrect settings or bugs in the app.
  2. Messages not loading – When you tap on your Instagram direct messages icon, another error will occur: nothing will be loaded, which is not a common error. Additionally, the majority of Instagram messages that were reported as not loading were the result of an issue with the Instagram server.

DMs not loading

3. Messages unable to be sent – You may occasionally be able to open direct messages and locate the desired account. However, when you type and tap to send them, you may encounter Instagram messages not sending issues, which typically can be resolved with straightforward solutions.

4. Black Messages – Another kind of problem with Instagram DMs not working is when you get black messages, usually because Instagram is down and you can’t do anything about it but wait.

Black messages

5. DMs disappearing – If you can open Instagram direct messages but are unable to locate a particular message, you most likely have an Instagram DMs disappeared error. This error can occur for a variety of reasons, including when the person you were chatting with blocked you.

6. DM notifications not working – Sometimes the DM notifications do not work. This can be mostly because of your device’s notification settings or even because of muted chats.

Some other issues include being Unable to delete messages, being Unable to use emoji reactions to messages, being unable to create threads, being unable to view replies, being unable to start new conversations, and so on.

What causes the malfunction in Instagram DMs?

There could be several reasons why your Instagram DMs are not working. However, the precise cause can be anything and varies based on your ISP, Instagram server status, the build of your Instagram app, and other factors. The following are the most common causes of Instagram DM failure:

1. Server Outrage 

Mix-ups on the server or an outage are occasionally the most common causes of Instagram DM failure. It can have an impact not only on your messages but also on posts, reels, and general usage.

2. You might be disconnected

There will undoubtedly be several issues for you if you are disconnected or have a poor connection. Your Instagram DMs might not work, or your Instagram feed might not load pictures.

Try opening Instagram feed posts and stories to see if your Internet connection is the cause of your direct message not working. You can be sure you have figured out why they won’t refresh or load.

3. Application might not be up to date

With each update, Instagram aims to address any issues it may have. But that’s not the only reason to keep your applications up to date. Occasionally, failing to upgrade an application can result in issues.

4. Your cache might be full

Your Instagram reserve is where a portion of your information has been saved accelerating the most common way of looking for something or stacking pictures and recordings. However, having a full cache can have the opposite effect, slowing down your device.

5. Exceeding the Instagram DM Limits

Sometimes, neither your app nor your device is defective. Instagram is now charging you for simply disregarding its DM limits. The fact that Instagram has blocked you causes many problems, including the glitch in Instagram DMs.

How to Fix Instagram DMs Not Working Issue?

Here are some to fix Instagram DMs Not Working issue:

1. Check your Internet Connection

The Instagram app must be connected to the internet for Instagram DMs to function. You may have intermittent connectivity if your messages are being sent but not received. Using other Instagram features is a quick way to determine whether your app is connected to the internet.

Instagram will display a message stating that there is no active internet connection. This indicates that you should enable Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to ensure that the app and its features function properly. The problem with Instagram DMs not working ought to be resolved now.

Internet connectivity

2. Check the overall Outage of Instagram

There is always the possibility that Instagram’s servers will go down. This could be because of a problem, too much traffic on the servers, or a complete outage. Thankfully, it is simple to determine whether Instagram is down for you and everyone else. Simply go to Instagram Down Detector to determine whether users are experiencing issues. If users have submitted outage reports, you will observe a spike in the outage graph on the Down Detector page.

Down detector

3. Restart your phone

If something is the matter with Instagram like when the DMs don’t work as expected, essentially restart your telephone. Your phone will be able to get rid of all of the unnecessary data that has been stored in the RAM thanks to this straightforward but extremely useful procedure. For the majority of issues, this is one of the most basic and straightforward solutions.

4. Check if you are blocked by the other person

You won’t be able to message another Instagram user if they block you. Additionally, all of your conversations will end. Therefore, if you notice that one person’s Instagram messages have vanished, check to see if they have blocked you.

You can do this by searching for their Instagram username to see if you can view their posts. You are blocked if you are unable to view posts or the number of followers. Sadly, this issue cannot be resolved.

User blocked

5. Check if the person you are contacting has disabled his account

You are attempting to get in touch with a deactivated Instagram user, which raises another potential issue that you are unable to resolve. You and your friend can both view each other’s messages using an Instagrammer’s user ID when you deactivate your account. You will be able to read the entire conversation, send messages, and access everything in this case, but you will not be able to see whether or not your messages are being read.

If you search for such a person’s ID or if you try to go to their profile, it will show ‘User not found’.

Deactivated user

6. Update your App

An Instagram DM glitch can occasionally occur when using an outdated Instagram version. If you encounter this issue, make sure you are using the most recent version of Instagram.

Open the app store on your iPhone or Google Play on your Android device to see if there is a new version to install to update the application and resolve the issue with Instagram not showing messages.


7. Log out and Log-In to Instagram Again

When Instagram DMs didn’t work for some users, this approach worked. You need to log out of Instagram and log back in. However, before logging back in, completely close the app and restart it. The steps are the same for both iOS and Android.

  1. Tap on the Profile Icon on Instagram, which is situated in the bottom right corner.

Pofile icon

2. Click on the Menu on the top right and from there, click on Settings.


3. Scroll down in the settings menu to find the Log Out option. Click on it and after you’ve logged out, close the Instagram App.

Log out

Open the App and Log In to your account again. This might have fixed most of the glitches that were occurring.

8. Clear the Instagram Cache

Instagram, like other apps, stores a small amount of information about how you use them in a cache on your device. It consists of data like app settings and media cache stored in your phone’s storage. However, an error can corrupt the Instagram cache, just like it can corrupt any other type of app cache. Instagram DMs might stop working as a result.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been using Instagram for a while or just downloaded the app; some cache will be on your device. On both Android and iOS devices, clearing the Instagram cache is now simple. Depending on your platform, follow the steps below:

1. For iOS 

On iOS, clearing the Instagram app cache is unfortunately not possible. To remove all of the app’s data from your device, you will need to uninstall it. To do so, follow the steps below:

Open the Phone’s Settings and go to the ‘General’ section. From there, go to ‘iPhone Storage’


Scroll through the Apps and find Instagram from the list. You can also search for the App using the search bar.

Tap on the App to view the App Info. Next, click on Delete App and confirm the deletion.

Delete App

Instagram will be deleted from your iOS device. You can re-install Instagram and Log In to your account again. The issue with Instagram DMs would have been resolved.

2. For Android

Open the Phone’s Settings and Go to the Apps section


From the list of Apps in the App Management menu, Select Instagram to view its App Info.

From the App Info, tap on Storage Usage.

Further, click Clear Data and Clear Cache to delete all the data related to Instagram that is stored on your device.

clear data and clear cache

You can open the Instagram App and Log In to your account again. This procedure might have solved all the glitches that occurred.

9. Check for the daily Instagram Limits

If you use Instagram, you should be aware that you can only follow, unfollow, and send direct messages on the platform. You should learn how many Instagram messages you can send each day and try to stick to it.

You can send over 20 to 50 direct messages per day if you are new to Instagram. However, you are permitted to send between 100 and 150 DMs per day if your account is verified.

10. Check if you are following the person whom you are texting

Instagram lets users choose whether or not to receive messages from people who are not their followers through a privacy setting. Allow me to elaborate.

A requested message in blue appears at the top of your Instagram direct chat when a non-follower attempts to send a DM.

11. Instagram Action Blocks

Instagram would limit your activity if you exceed daily limits or violate community guidelines. You can’t do anything about it after that, other than wait for Instagram to remove your ban.



1. How to know Instagram DMs are down?

The Downdetector website, which displays a variety of service issues and outages in real-time, is the only way to locate problems and glitches occurring on Instagram.

2. Why is the emoji reactions feature not working in DMs?

This issue typically arises as a result of an error on the Instagram server, but it may also arise as a result of an outdated Instagram app version.

3. How can you update Instagram DMs?

By tapping the direct message icon on the right side of the screen above the screen, Instagram has recently added a new feature that lets you change the look of Instagram messaging to look like Facebook Messenger.


On Instagram, we frequently encounter issues similar to these. The good news is that this user-friendly app always has a solution for our issues. Here on this blog, we’ve furnished you with certain supportive arrangements that you can attempt to fix the issue. Try one of these four guaranteed solutions if you’re looking for a quick fix to the Instagram DMs issue. Check that your internet connection is stable first. After that, try relaunching the app. Reinstall the Instagram app or uninstall the most recent updates if Instagram DMs are not working. To fix the problem, you can also log out of your account and back in.

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