[FIXED] Messenger Not Showing Active Status

Free mobile messaging software called Messenger can be used for group chat, audio and video sharing, and instant messaging. The in-app Facebook messaging service was replaced by the application, which is an instant messaging service that links to the Facebook database.¬†Due to Messenger’s massive user base and the app’s struggles to support such a large user base, it is typical for users to have problems. One such problem is that for certain users, ‘Messenger Not Showing Active Status.’ Although users are certain that the active status option is enabled, they are not displayed as online for some reason.

Many people discovered after doing a lot of investigation that this issue is more specific to one Facebook profile user than it is to the Messenger app. By logging in with other people’s accounts, many users confirmed this by discovering that the last active status was displaying for them flawlessly and without any problems. Also, you can no longer see a user’s last active status on Facebook if they are not on your list of friends. So, today we will learn how to fix this issue in simple ways.

Why Is The Active Status On Messenger Not Appearing?

Some possible reasons for Messenger not showing the active status can be the following:

  • The active status of Messenger is disabled
  • The Messenger application may have a bug
  • The Messenger server is down
  • Your smartphone is set to low data mode
  • There have not been any updates to the Messenger app in a while
  • There is no clear-up of the app cache
  • Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is currently down and not functioning properly

How To Fix Messenger Not Showing Active Status Issue?

Please follow the instructions below if you are one of the users facing issues with this problem:

1. Ensure that the Active Status is turned on

Some users brought up the possibility that the Active Status might occasionally not display owing to an error, which is fixed by toggling the Active Status switch off and then on again.

The first thing you need to do is make sure Messenger has active status activated. Make it turn on if it is currently off.

If it is already on, repeatedly toggle the Active Status switch on and off. This generally resolves the problem.

Here’s how to turn off and then back on Facebook Messenger’s Active Status:

  • Launch Facebook Messenger on your phone or tablet
  • Tap the icon for your profile
  • Click the Active Status button
  • If the Active Status is currently OFF, turn it ON (the green dot should be visible next to your profile picture)

After turning on the active status, if Messenger’s active status is still not showing, try the next step.

2. Wait till Messenger fixes the issue

Sometimes the Messenger App may experience a bug that prevents the active status of Messenger from appearing. It’s also possible that the Messenger app server is down, which is a very frequent issue.

You’re left with no choice except to wait for the Messenger staff to fix the problem in this situation. Either they will fix the bug in their system or they will restart the Messenger server.

3. Look into the network connection

For Messenger to function as intended, a steady Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is required. It’s important to verify that Messenger can access the Wi-Fi or mobile data network in your phone’s settings.

Here’s what to do if you think your device may be experiencing connectivity troubles:

  • On your phone, go to Settings
  • Choose apps and notifications
  • Open Manage apps or App manager
  • Open Messenger
  • On both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data. Ensure the Messenger app has permission to access both Mobile Data and Wi-Fi
  • Disable any VPN and proxy software, and permit the Messenger program to connect to the network in the background

If the problem is still not resolved, go to the next step.

4. Attempt switching between mobile data and Wi-Fi

To determine whether the problem is with your network connection, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, check your router. If you’re using mobile data, turn it OFF and ON again. Furthermore, try switching from Wi-Fi to a mobile network or from a mobile network to Wi-Fi.

Problem still not solved? Go to the next step.

5. Log out of Messenger and then re-login

Logging out of the app and back in again should resolve the issue of Messenger’s active status not showing, and the app should then function normally.

6. Delete cache from the Messenger app

Most of the time, emptying the app cache should fix any problems with the Messenger app. There is a tiny chance that cached data is corrupted, which frequently results in program problems.

Remember to back up any media you downloaded from Messenger before deleting the cache because doing so will remove it.

To delete the cache for the Messenger App,

  • To access Messenger, go to Settings > Apps and notifications > All apps
  • Click Storage
  • Select Clear Cache/Clear Storage/Clear Data
  • Restart your phone
  • Reopen the Messenger app and log in

Check if Messenger is showing active status after clearing the cache, and if not, go to the next step.

7. Reinstall the Messenger app after deleting it

The Messenger app can be uninstalled and then reinstalled to remedy this problem. By doing this, you’ll always get the most recent version and can start over.

Deleting and reinstalling the Messenger app will remove your existing files, so keep in mind that this process is essentially the same as cleaning data. As a result, retain a backup.

So, first, remove the app from your phone, then reinstall it, and then check to see if the Messenger app is operational or not.

To delete and reinstall the Messenger app,

  • To access Messenger, go to Settings > Applications > All apps
  • Delete the app
  • Reinstall the app by going to the Play Store
  • Restart your phone
  • Re-log in

Still, facing the same issue? Try the next step.

8. Install the previous Messenger version

You can install an earlier version of the Messenger app to fix the active status not appearing issue. There may occasionally be a bug in the most recent version.

If a defect exists in the current version of the app, the problem might not be server-side. The solution is thus as simple as downloading an earlier version of the software.

To download Messenger using an APK, follow these steps:

  • Remove the current version of the Messenger app from your smartphone
  • Visit APK Mirror or any other APK aggregator
  • Download the APK. Verify that the APK is not more than three months old
  • Launch the APK, and when requested, allow third-party app installation on your device
  • Restart your phone
  • Launch Messenger, then log in

Go to the next if the problem persists.

9. Upgrade Messenger to the most recent version

Your Messenger app might not function properly if it is out of date. Update the Messenger app to the most recent version to resolve the issue with the active status not showing. Also, updating the Messenger app to the most current version will resolve all previous app bugs.

10. Check Facebook on different platforms

Make sure the active status is turned on everywhere, whether you use Facebook on a computer or other device. On your PC and any other devices where you are signed in, you must go to the Facebook website. If Messenger is available on some systems as a standalone app, then go there as well. When you go there, check to see if the active status is enabled.

To do it, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and Privacy > Settings on the Facebook mobile app. Check to see if the active option is turned on by selecting Active Status
  • Launch Facebook on your computer and make sure you are online by clicking the chat choices in the bottom right corner
  • Examine each device you use to access Facebook and Messenger in the same way

11. Restart your phone

Sometimes the problem is not with the Messenger app, but with your phone. Hence, try restarting your phone to see if that fixes the issue.

12. Use Messenger Lite

Finally, you should probably contact Facebook and raise a query if Messenger is still not showing active status. You can switch to Messenger Lite, which can be downloaded from the Play Store while waiting to fix your problem.


Try all the solutions listed in this post to resolve the ‘Messenger Not Showing Active Status’ issue. There is also a possibility that the Messenger app contains a glitch. The best course of action is to wait till the Messenger team fixes the glitch. We hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know in the comments whether our strategies were successful in helping you fix your Messenger active status issue.

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