Netflix Student Discount: Can You Claim in 2023?

Life is tough as a student, but getting a Netflix student discount is even tougher. All the students out there must be wondering, does Netflix offers student discounts? How to get it? What are the top alternative platforms? Don’t worry! We have answers to all of your questions, so keep reading if you want to save money on your favorite content.

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world and for a good reason. It has a library of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can watch shows and movies with or without ads. It also has a feature called “Only On Netflix” which is movies and TV shows created by Netflix.

More than 200 million people are subscribed to Netflix and they get access to thousands of movies and TV series. However, it’s not cheap and it costs money.

How to get Netflix student discount?

Does Netflix Offer Student Discounts?

No, as of now, there is no Netflix Student Discount as such. Netflix believes that its content is so good that people will pay for it no matter how expensive the subscription plan is. However, at the beginning of the year, 2022 Netflix reported a heavy loss of its subscribers. Therefore, don’t lose hope yet, Netflix can start giving student discounts to combat the losses and attract new subscribers. But we can’t say anything about when it will start giving the students discounts.

While you are waiting for Netflix’s Student Discount to start, there are several ways through which you can enjoy Netflix shows for almost free, if not completely free. You can save money on Netflix Subscription Plan by splitting bills, paying bills using gift cards, changing subscription plans, etc.

Moreover, there are many popular and good alternatives to Netflix. These alternative platforms also offer student discounts, which you can try. These platforms are Amazon Prime, Youtube Premium, and Spotify Premium. Keep reading to know more about the ways to save money on Netflix Subscription Plan and Netflix alternative platforms.

How Can Students Save Money With Netflix?

A list of the alternative ways to get get a discount on Netflix as a student is given below so that students can save money.

1. Split Netflix subscription bills

As we already told you that thing like the Netflix student discount does not exist but don’t lose hope soon. There is an awesome way that will help you to cut Netflix subscription bills cost.

Netflix allows subscribers to create up to 5 shared accounts. If there is a member in your family who has purchased the premium package of Netflix then you can ask them to share their account and password with you and this way you can share bills. But all the shared profiles cannot stream Netflix which means you have to watch your favorite shows on Netflix at different times of the day.

2. Sharing Netflix Password

Sharing a Netflix password is legal and it is a very common thing. Netflix actually promote its “shared accounts” feature to get more people interested in Netflix and become their customers. However, there are some terms and conditions apply that you should keep in mind.

You can’t share your account with any person other than your household members.

3. Netflix Special Offers and Promotions

Another way to get discounts on a Netflix subscription plan to reduce cost is to grab the special promotions and offers that some companies offer as Netflix gift vouchers. Check out some of them below:

  • A wireless company T-Mobile offers a program called Netflix On Us. They will pay your Netflix bills if you buy their two or more lines. They cover both Netflix Basic as well as Standard Plan, but it depends on which plan you purchase.
  • The network provider Verizon used to offer Netflix a whole year plan for the Gigabit Connection Internet package saving you $190 a year. But, they have switched to ‘Disney+ on us’ for 12 month’s promotion.

4. Pay Netflix Subscription Bills Using Gift Cards

You can also save money by paying Netflix subscription bills using gift cards. Many companies offer discounted Netflix gift cards. These gift coupon companies claim to provide you with discounted or even free trials of the Netflix subscription plans.

5. Change the Netflix Subscription from Premium to Basic

Changing Netflix’s subscription plan from premium to mobile-only is the easiest way to cut bills. The cost of a Basic Netflix Subscription Plan is much lower than the Premium one. Can’t believe it? See the proof below by yourself.

Netflix subscription plan cost in India

You can stream all movies and shows on a basic plan like the other plans. The only difference is the quality and the devices you can use to watch. The quality of videos in the basic plan will be 480p and it’s not that bad.

6. Contact Nearby Netflix Dealers

There are some groups on social media where people create shared Netflix accounts at a much lower cost. You can contact them and grab a Netflix account.

(Note: You may have to renew your Netflix account every month.)

Netflix Alternatives that Provide Student Discounts

Netflix creates many originals and that’s why there is no direct substitute for Netflix. You will nowhere find any of the Netflix Originals. So, if there are no favorite Netflix Originals shows of yours. You can try other popular streaming platforms which provide discounts to students at any time.

These platforms also create their exclusive shows, just like Netflix, and they always compete to provide you best service possible. A list of some of the best and most popular Netflix alternatives is given below:

1. Amazon Prime Youth Offer: Amazon prime youth offer provides 50% off to 18-24 year-olds. You can stream all your favorite shows and movies at a discounted rate. You will also get free and fast delivery and much more.

2. YouTube Premium: YouTube premium student offer provides a free trial for 1 month. This offer will unlock Youtube Premium for free under Youtube Premium Student Plan. You will be able to watch your favorite content ad-free and in the background with YouTube Music Premium included.

3. Spotify and Hulu Bundle: With the Spotify Premium student Discount, you will get access to unlimited ad-free music, podcasts, and more. The good part is you get Hulu subscription free with Spotify as well. But keep in mind that you should be above 18 years old and enrolled at an accredited college or university. You can get a Premium Student discount for up to 4 years.


Here are some frequently asked questions by the users.

1. Does Netflix still give a 30-day free trial?

No, Netflix is currently no longer offering a 30-day free trial.

2. Can you share a Netflix account?

Yes, people can share their Netflix accounts who live together in a single household. But people from different households can no longer share their Netflix accounts.

3. Which is better Netflix or Amazon prime?

It depends on what you like watching. If you consider watching TV series more, Netflix is your better bet. But if you are a movie freak then go for Amazon prime because it has some decent Hollywood movies.

Wrapping Up

Netflix does not offer student discounts. But some best alternatives to it are competitive and give the best services. Disnep+ Hotstar is the most popular and best alternative for Netflix. You can try that and save money. If you need to save money and don’t have a favorite Netflix show. Then go and try the alternative platforms now.

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