Snapchat Plus: Everything You Need to Know

In the summer of 2022, Snap confirmed the rumors by announcing a paid subscription service known as Snapchat Plus. The new offering was promoted by Snap, the parent company of the Snapchat mobile app, as a way to gain access to exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features. What you need to know about Snapchat Plus, including how to subscribe, how much it costs, and what you get for your money, can be found here.

Snapchat Plus

What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a paid version of the social messaging app with more features. In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, Snapchat is gradually introducing Snapchat Plus to iPhone and Android users. Over time, Snapchat promises to expand to additional nations.

They believe that Snapchat Plus will enable them to prioritize support and deliver new Snapchat features to some of their community’s most enthusiastic members. The new premium Snapchat account is aimed at users who “spend most of their time communicating with their closest friends on Snap,” according to Jacob Andreou, Snapchat’s SVP of product.

Snap’s paid subscription service Snapchat Plus has seen early success. Since the launch of Snapchat Plus at the end of June 2022, the company announced in August 2022 that it had accumulated one million paid users.

Snapchat Plus Pricing

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 per month. However, the subscription costs much less in India, at Rs. 49 each month There are currently 25 countries where it is available. However, the company may eventually launch Snapchat Plus in additional regions.

Snapchat Plus

Features of Snapchat Plus

Some of the exclusive features that come with a Snapchat Plus subscription are listed below:

As Snapchat decides to test out new experimental and pre-release features, this feature list will evolve. Snapchat users, on the other hand, will be able to use the app’s new features before the average user does by paying a relatively low monthly subscription fee.

1. Ghost Trails on the Map

You can see where your friends who share their locations have been in the last 24 hours with Ghost Trails. If a friend has made their location visible to you, you can only see their Ghost Trails on the Map.

In your Snap Map Settings, toggle Ghost Mode on and then off to clear your Ghost Trail. You can temporarily share your live location with friends, but only those you share it with will be able to see your Ghost Trail.

Because Ghost Trails allows you to effectively spy on where your friends or partners have been, it may discourage some individuals from signing up for Snapchat Plus. Although they can change their settings to make themselves invisible, doing so effectively negates the benefit of Ghost Trails and may cause awkward conversations about why they have vanished from view.

Snapchat Plus

2. Pin your #1 friend – BFF

With Best Friends Forever, you can designate your BFF as your top best friend. You can only pin one #1 Best Friend at a time, as the name suggests.

Press and hold your friend on the Chat or Send To screen, then tap “Pin as your #1 Best Friend.” Additionally, you can only view this pin, so you won’t upset any of your other friends.

Snapchat Plus

3. Custom Story Expiration

A Snapchat story would last for 24 hours up until now. On the other hand, Snapchat Plus subscribers can now customize the timers that appear on their stories. A timer can be set by subscribers for as little as one hour or as long as one week. This means that you can now share a Snapchat story and keep it up for a week long.

4. The Snapchat Plus badge

You can add some flair to your display name with a black star badge as a Snapchat+ subscriber, which is another cosmetic feature that other people can see.

This lets your friends know that you subscribe to Snapchat Plus. By default, the badge is disabled; however, if you go to your Profile, tap your membership card at the top, and then toggle on “Snapchat+ Badge,” it can be enabled next to your display name. As long as they are using an updated version of the app, all of your friends should be able to view your badge.

Snapchat Plus

5. Story Rewatch Status

The emoji will appear under Stories that one or more friends have rewatched if you have Snapchat Plus. The number next to the emoji ” 👀 ” indicates the number of times your Story has been viewed by friends again, not the total number of times. However, it doesn’t say which of your friends watched your Story again.

You can see the number of times your friends rewatch Snaps that you post to My Story, Private Stories, or Shared Stories. Tap on a Story you’ve posted and swipe up to see if anyone has watched it again.

Snapchat Plus

6. Custom Icons and Themes

Even though this isn’t the most exciting feature, it can at least make you feel special. The typical Snapchat user has the same app icon on their device screen as everyone else: a white ghost on a yellow background. However, Snapchat Plus subscribers have access to nearly 40 different icons.

Custom icons of Snapchat Plus

7. Custom Notification Sounds

Subscribers to Snapchat Plus can also customize the sounds of their notifications for various contacts. This can be useful because it lets you know who sent you a Snap or a message without you having to look at your phone to find out who sent it. Within the Snapchat settings, you can customize notification tones for specific contacts. There are seven different sounds to choose from.

8. Friend Solar System

The Friend Solar System in Snapchat Plus is essentially MySpace’s top eight visual friend rankings. On someone’s Friendship Profile, you will see a “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a gold ring around it if you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber. If you’re “Best Friends,” you’re one of their eight closest friends; if you’re “Friends,” you’re one of their eight closest friends but not one of theirs. You and your friends must have linked Bitmojis for this feature to work.

Snapchat Plus

9. Snapchat Web

There is no doubt that this feature will one day be available to everyone. Nevertheless, Snapchat for Web is currently restricted to Snapchat users in Australia and New Zealand as well as Snapchat+ subscribers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

On your mobile device, you can pick up conversations or start a call using Chrome. Chat Reactions and Chat Replies are two of the messaging options available on Snapchat for the Web.

Snapchat Plus

How to Sign up for Snapchat Plus?

Follow these steps to subscribe to a Snapchat Plus Account:

1. Open the Snapchat Mobile App and Log In using your credentials.

Snapchat login

If you are new to Snapchat, you can click on the ‘Sign Up’ option to create a new Snapchat ID of your own.

2. Go to your Profile

3. Tap on the Snapchat Plus banner card visible on the top.

Snapchat Plus banner

4. Choose from the various subscriptions available to start your 7-day Free Trial

Pricing plans

5. Choose your payment option and complete the signup process.

Snapchat will show you a screen that explains the main features of Snapchat Plus after you finish signing up. In most cases, you can turn each one on or off with it. Flexibility is one of Snapchat Plus’s advantages. You don’t have to have everything “all or nothing” to benefit from it. You can select the features you want, and you will likely be able to do the same for any new features Snapchat adds in the future.

Are there any demerits of a Snapchat Plus subscription?

Like the customizable Snapchat icon, many of the aforementioned features are harmless. Some, like the Ghost Trails, are bound to stir up some tension, but they don’t necessarily pose a threat right away. But the things that haven’t been mentioned could put you in danger in the future. You can get access to brand-new features that have not yet been made available to the general public as a Snapchat Plus user.

The nature of some of these brand-new features is unknown at this time. Since Snapchat has long been one of the most dangerous social media apps, any new features may also be questionable.


Q.1. Is Snapchat Plus an ad-free plan?

A Snapchat Plus subscription does not guarantee ad-free viewing. An ad-free tier does not appear to be forthcoming either. According to Snapchat’s SVP of Product, ads will be at the center of the company’s long-term business model.

Q.2. Is Snapchat Premium the same as Snapchat Plus?

No, the term “Snapchat Premium” refers to the method that many Snapchat users use to create private stories and charge others to view them. The official subscription of the company that provides additional features is called Snapchat Plus.

Q.3. Can I get Snapchat Plus in India?

Yes, Snapchat Plus is now available in India, and its monthly fee of just Rs 49 is significantly lower than elsewhere. In addition, subscription is currently available in 25 nations.

Q.4. Can you see if someone has Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus subscribers can choose to display a badge on their profile to indicate their premium status. Go to the person’s profile page and look for a star badge next to their name to see if they are a Plus subscriber.


When we looked at the features included in Snapchat’s premium subscription, Snapchat Plus appeared to be an underwhelming value proposition that the majority of users would likely skip. Indeed, the subscription would have been more appealing if there had been an option to remove ads, but it appears that this is not the case. We will have to wait to see if Snap decides to include an additional tier in its subscription service that will enable users to remove advertisements from the app.

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