Snapchat Streak: What Is It & How to Start One?

The number of days in a row that you have been able to send a picture or video to a specific friend is known as a “Snapchat streak.” Snapchat is a social media app that makes it easier to share snaps—pictures or videos—with other people. The fact that these snaps vanish after you view them is one of the app’s most intriguing features. This app has other interesting features, one of which is the Snapchat streak. Today, we will talk about it in detail and know what is it and how to start.


What is a Snapchat Streak?

Your interaction with a Snapchat user is measured by your Snapchat Streaks, also known as Snapstreaks or simply Streaks. A Snapchat streak begins when you send or receive Snaps from the same person at least three days in a row. Look for the fire emoji or flame emoji next to the contact’s name on the Chat screen to identify an active Snapstreak.

The number next to the fire emoji keeps going up to show how many days an active Snapstreak has been active. Snapchat requires you to send and receive Snaps to your friends at least once every 24 hours to maintain a Snapstreak. The Snapstreak will be lost if you don’t. As a result, if you want to continue your streak for a long time, you’ll need to make sure you and your friend are sharing photos every day.

How to Start a Snapchat Streak?

The number of days in a row that you have sent a Snap to someone and that person has responded with a Snap is known as your Snapstreak. To count, you must both send and receive at least one Snap within 24 hours.

Before you’ll notice anything, you’ll need to keep your Streak alive for at least three days. But after three days, a flame emoji and a number indicating how many days you’ve had the Snapchat Streak together will appear next to your friend’s name.

Snapchat Streak

At the point when you hit 100 days, the 100 emoji (💯) will show up with the fire. What’s more, if you push the Snapchat streaks along for a staggeringly lengthy timespan, Snapchat hasn’t uncovered precisely how long, you could see a mountain emoticon (⛰️) as well.

You’ll continuously find your ongoing Streak score close to your companion’s name on the Visit list. On the off chance that it’s not there any longer, it implies that one of you broke the Streak.

Interactions that count toward Snapchat Streaks

To keep your snap streaks going for as long as possible, you only need to do either of the two things. These are some:

1. Send and receive photos from individual friends.
2. Send and receive video snaps from individual friends.

That’s all. You shouldn’t have any trouble keeping up with your Snapchat streaks if you can remember to send a photo or video snap to a friend without participating in a group snap and within the 24-hour window following your last snap interaction!


Interactions that do not count toward Snapchat Streaks

There are many different ways to interact with friends on Snapchat, but the majority of them won’t help any Snapchat streaks you already have. These are some:

  1. Chatting – You can open a chat with any of your Snapchat friends by tapping their name; this may be very convenient, but it won’t help you make snap streaks.
  2. Stories – No Snapchat streaks you have with any of the friends who viewed your story will be affected if you post a story and they see it.
  3. Sending Snaps to a Group – You would think that snaps sent to a group of friends would count toward your snap streaks with friends in that group, but that’s not the case! Sorry. You will need to send individual snaps to those friends to maintain your snap streaks.
  4. Sending Snaps from Memories – If you send a photo or video that was previously taken and saved in Memories (or uploaded from your device), it will not affect your Snapchat streaks if you send it within your 24-hour window. This is likely because the photo or video was taken at a different time.
  5. Content through Snapchat Spectacles – Even though wearing Snapchat Spectacles may make you feel like a super Snapchatter, the videos you take and share with them will not count toward any of your Snapchat streaks.

How to keep a Snapchat Streak going?

To keep your Snapchat Streaks going, you and your friend must send each other pictures within 24 hours. Snapchat filters are one-of-a-kind features that encourage you to promptly respond to a friend with a photo or video to keep your Snapchat streak going. However, if you fail to do so, it will remind you.

Assuming your snap streak with your companion is going to terminate, you will track down an hourglass symbol⌛️showing up close to your companion’s name. This typically happens when there are just four hours left for your streak to end. Be that as it may, sending and getting ideal snaps forestalls its appearance.

Snapchat streak end

How to Restore Lost Snapchat Streaks?

Accidentally if you have lost your ongoing Snapchat Streak with any of your friends, you can follow the steps below to get back your streak with them:

  1. Go to the Snapchat App on your mobile.
  2. Tap on the Profile/Bitmoji icon and go to the settings option, situated in the top right corner.

snapchat settings

3. Go to the Support section or directly go to the Snapchat Support website.

snapchat support

4. Choose the ‘I Need Help’ Option.

5. From the options available, choose the Streaks option.


6. You will be asked to fill up a form to avail of Snapchat’s help.

7. Once you fill up the form, type the CAPTCHA and send it.

8. You can expect your Snapchat streaks to be restored once you receive a confirmation mail from the Snapchat team.

However, when attempting to reclaim your lost streak, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You must ensure that all of your responses are accurate.
2. If you follow this procedure for each broken streak, Snapchat may deny your request.


1. How to get your Snapchat streaks back?

The only way to get your Snapstreak back if you lose it is to keep sending snaps every day. Remember that snaps sent with Memories or Spectacles will not count toward your Snapstreak total.

2. What does my Snapchat score mean?

As you receive snaps and share stories, your Snapchat score rises. Go to your profile and look for your snap code there to see your score. Your Snapchat score is shown by the number next to your username.

3. How can you get Snapchat Trophies?

When you complete particular tasks or accomplish particular objectives, like verifying your email or achieving a new milestone, Snapchat trophies become available to you. There are over forty Snapchat trophies that can be unlocked.

4. Can you sustain a Snapchat Streak by sending photos from a camera roll?

No, to maintain Snapchat Streak, you need to send an image or video from the camera on Snapchat. The Snapstreak will not remain active if screenshots or photos from your gallery are sent.


One of Snapchat’s most important features, Snapchat Streaks keep users glued to the ephemeral messaging and social media platform. The company has managed to cultivate a devoted following by gamifying the sending and receiving of Snaps through Snapchat Streaks.

You can also get more Snap Score points by starting and keeping streaks. The only real benefits of participating in Snapstreaks are the emoji, streak score, and boost to your Snap Score. However, as the app does not track follower counts, the best ways to demonstrate that you are a genuine Snapchat power user are to maintain streaks and raise your Snap Score.

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