Spotify Codes: What is it And How to Use Them

Spotify is without a doubt one of the best music streaming services in the world, having more than 31% of the music streaming market share. The app makes it easy for users to share songs with their friends and family because it works on all platforms. You can share songs on Spotify by using song links, but you can also share your favorite songs by creating images that look like QR codes. This cool feature is known as Spotify Codes, and this article explains how to make Spotify Codes and use them to share songs with others.


What are Spotify Codes?

With Spotify Codes, users can share songs, playlists, or artists as scannable images. The QR code-like image can be scanned by other users using the Spotify app on their mobile devices. These shareable codes can be generated on Spotify’s desktop, web, and mobile apps. In the meantime, to scan the generated Spotify codes, you will need the mobile app, which cannot be used with other QR code scanner apps.

Spotify Codes function by creating a one-of-a-kind code for each track, album, or playlist you wish to share. Once that code has been scanned, another person can immediately access the music and listen to the same thing.

There are no restrictions on what you can share because each track, artist, album, and playlist can have its own Spotify Code.

Spotify code

Each Spotify code begins with the Spotify logo, and it typically has 23 bars. Spotify Codes need to have the Spotify logo on the front to be read by the scanner, according to the website for Spotify Codes. This indicates that the Spotify logo assists in identifying the portion of the image that contains machine-readable code.

How to Create Spotify codes?

Spotify codes are scannable codes that allow users to quickly access a specific track, album, artist, or playlist within the Spotify app. Here are the steps to create a Spotify code:

1. Using the Spotify Mobile App (Android and iOS)

Follow these steps to generate a Spotify code via the Spotify mobile App.

  1. Tap the item’s three dots to find the music you want to share. For a collection, craftsman, or playlist, that will be under the workmanship close to the highest point of the page. The three dots are located to the right of the track title for tracks.

Mobile codes

2. The Spotify Code will show up in the spring-up window, over the extra play and offer choices.

Mobile codes

3. You can take a screenshot of this code and share it with your friends so that they too can get access to the song you are listening to.

2. On Spotify Desktop App (Mac and Windows)

  1. Open the song you want to share from your library in the Spotify Desktop app or web player. Now select “Share -> Copy Song Link” from the horizontal menu with three dots next to the song listing.

Desktop spotify code

2. After you have copied the link to the song, go to the website for Spotify Codes, paste the link into the textbox, and then click on “Get Spotify Code.”

3. The scannable Spotify code for the song you requested will now be generated by the website. From the tools on the right side of the page, you can change the color of the background, the color of the bar, the size, and the image format. To save the Spotify code, click “Download” after you’re finished.

Desktop spotidy code

How to Use the Spotify Codes?

Click the code to expand it once you’ve accessed the content you want to share. The person you want to share the content with can scan the code from their Spotify app if you are nearby. Alternatively, you can send the image to someone else and have them open it in the Spotify app by saving it to one of your photos.

Utilize the camera button located to the right of the Spotify app’s search bar to scan a code. Accept Spotify permissions to access your camera by tapping “Scan.” After that, you can scan the artwork using another person’s device.

Spotify codes

You can select an image by pressing “Select From Photos” if you’ve been sent one. Open the image in your library, select it, and then press the “Choose” button. Spotify will take you to the content that was shared with you.

Scan spotify code

According to Spotify Codes’ Terms and Conditions, it is against the law to sell Spotify codes as products without prior approval. For approval, you can contact with your intended use.

Where else can you use Spotify Codes?

Spotify Codes need not necessarily originate from another individual. Codes can be printed on promotional advertising boards and posters by artists, record labels, and brands, and they can be scanned in the same way.


1. How to get Spotify codes?

Spotify codes can be generated using Spotify’s desktop, web, or mobile apps. In this article, we have outlined the steps necessary to generate Spotify codes.

2. Will the Spotify Code work if you change the title of the Playlist later?

After creating a Spotify Code, you can change the title and content of a playlist, and it should still work as long as the URI stays the same. This means that if you want to share your playlists, you can’t delete the playlist and make a new one or change your username.

3. Will the code work if you get it tattooed?

Yes. Many people’ve got their favorite Spotify songs tattooed as codes. They do work perfectly if designed by a skilled tattoo artist.

4. Can Spotify codes have any color?

Yes. Spotify Codes can be created in any color as long as there is sufficient contrast between the Code’s bars and the background on which they sit. The Scanner will be able to identify the Code if it is surrounded by a distinctive rectangle border.


With its new feature for sharing music via scannable images, Spotify has learned from Snapchat. Every song, album, artist, and playlist gets its individual barcode and album cover image thanks to the brand-new Spotify Codes feature. Spotify Codes may facilitate the sharing of music among friends and the promotion of artists’ works.

Additionally, Spotify Codes may serve as a constant web-based visual reminder that you are listening to on-demand music. Like how Facebook colonized the web with Like buttons, and Snapchat’s Snapcodes ended up as profile photographs on Twitter and somewhere else, Spotify Codes could attempt to advance the real-time feature itself, as well as the music to which they’re connected.

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