Spotify Student Discount: Steps To Claim Premium in 2023

When you are a student, almost everything seems quite expensive. But several companies genuinely want to help students. Spotify is one of those companies which are taking steps to help students. It provides Spotify Student Discount where the students get unlimited ad-free music, podcasts, and much more at a 50% discounted rate so that students can also experience these luxuries.

If you are the one who is searching for methods to get discounts on Spotify premium plan as a student then you are at the right place. So keep reading if you want to know how to get Spotify Student Discount.


What is Spotify Premium Student?

Spotify Premium Student is a discounted plan that offers a 50% discount to students, who are enrolled at an accredited college or university. Students can stream millions of ad-free songs, offline listening, improved quality songs, and more. But it is valid for only four years and can be used towards both the Premium and Unlimited plans.

1. Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the Spotify premium student plan are:

  • Should be a student.
  • Must be 18 years old or above.
  • Enrolled at an accredited college or University.

You will be asked to give your information and documents to confirm your current student status.

2. How does Spotify verify Student Status?

Spotify has partnered with an identity verification service called SheerID. This service is integrated directly into Spotify’s sign-up process to verify your status.

To check whether you are eligible for a Spotify student discount or not, SheerID will ask you to provide these details:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • And college name.

How to Get Spotify Premium Student?

To get Student Discount you will have to signup for the same. Signing up for the Spotify student discount is as simple as signing up for the Spotify Premium Account. The major difference is that you will have to verify your student status.

Follow these steps to signup for the Spotify Premium Student Plan:

Step 1: Go to and click ‘GET PREMIUM‘.

Spotify premium student login

Step 2: Click ‘SIGN UP FOR SPOTIFY‘ to create your account or log in if you already have one.

Spotify premium student signup

Step 3: Enter your details and verify your student status with SheerID.

Spotify premium student sheerID

(Note: You will automatically get verified only if SheerID confirms that you are a student.)

Step 4: Choose your payment method and enter your payment details.

Step 5: You’re all set! Your Spotify Premium subscription will now be 50% off.

What if Automatic Verification Fails?

If Spotify and SheerID decline your verification that means they were not able to verify your enrollment. Don’t worry! You still got a chance. You just need to upload your supporting documents manually. You will have to go through the sign-up process again and this time select the manual verification option.

Step 1: Go to and click ‘Get Premium‘.

Step 2: Insert your email address and password to log in.

Step 3: Now click ‘Manually Verify‘.

Spotify premium student manually verify

Step 4: Enter your details and tap on ‘Next Step‘.

Spotify shareId

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Choose File‘ button, select your proofs and click ‘Open‘.

Spotify document verification

Spotify premium student document verification

(Note: Accepted documents are student ID, registration receipt, official enrollment letter or any school-issued documents with your name written on them and the issue date should be within the last three months.)

Step 6: To provide additional proof tap on ‘Choose File‘ or click ‘Upload Document‘ to proceed further.

Spotify premium student document uploading

Step 7: If your documents get verified, you can complete the signup process and get the Spotify Student Discount. You can contact the Spotify customer service team for assistance if it still does not work.

How to Renew Spotify Premium Student?

If you want to renew your Spotify Premium Student discount, then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to your profile page.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the ‘Change Plan‘ button.

Step 3: Click ‘Premium Student‘ and repeat the verification process.

What Happens After Graduation?

Spotify gives you a student discount only if you are a student enrolled at an accredited college. You will have access to Premium Student Plan for a year from the date you last re-verified when it was still available. But the moment you graduate or leave your college you will no longer be able to renew your student discount.

Spotify has stated in its policy that you have to re-verify your eligibility once after every 12 months. Therefore, you will need to provide your recent supporting documents like your current student Id, class schedule, or registration receipt.

If you are no longer a student, then you will no longer be able to get the Spotify student discount. Thus, you will have to pay the full price for a Spotify Premium subscription.


Here are some frequently asked questions by the users.

1. Does Spotify offers student discount?

Yes, Spotify offers a 50% discount to eligible students.

2. How much does Spotify Premium Plan cost?

Here you can see the premium plans below in the picture.

Spotify premium plan cost.

3. Is Spotify’s premium student discount still available?

Yes, the Spotify premium student discount is still available.

4. Why can’t I get the Spotify Student Discount?

Spotify Student Discount is only available for those students who are enrolled at an accredited college or University.

5. How much is the cost of the Spotify Premium Plan if you are a student?

Eligible students need to pay only half of the price of every Spotify Premium Subscription Plan.


With Spotify Premium Student, you get all the same great features as a regular Spotify subscription, but at a fraction of the price. What can be better than this? Go and try out now your discounted Spotify Premium Plan as a student so that you can enjoy the unlimited benefits of this offer.

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