How to Get Starz Free Trial in 2023?

Starz is a premium channel network that provides you with the most recent films and television shows. You can get free access to the entire network and its channel with the Starz app. To use its services, you don’t need to subscribe. The Starz Free trial is a great idea before you rush to download Starz and subscribe. A free trial is a must-try option if you are confused or want to learn more about Starz’s services before signing up for a subscription.

Starz Free Trial

What is Starz?

Starz is a premium channel network that provides you with the most recent films and television shows. You can get free access to the entire network and its channel with the Starz app. To use its services, you don’t need to subscribe.

It is a premium American cable and streaming service with 26.5 million subscribers. It is well-known for broadcasting Lionsgate’s library and original programming.

You can download content to watch later or stream it online as some popular streaming services do. You won’t be limited in any way in your ability to watch it. A reasonable subscription price will get you the entire Starz library.

Starz offers a wide range of services at very affordable prices. That’s one of the reasons why so many people like it.

Starz Free Trial

Is there a Starz Free Trial available for the users?

Starz does offer a free trial for all its new users. Users can get a 7-day Starz Free Trial directly through their app. However, if you wish to get a longer trial period, then you can sign up for Starz Free Trial combined along with other streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Roku, Hulu, DirecTV, and also through Sling TV.

Starz Free Trial

Plans offered on Starz

Starz offers only one service level. Each month, Starz costs $8.99. We’ll talk about deals that sometimes give you a better price or a free trial below. However, if you do not have a deal, a Starz subscription will set you back $8.99 per month, regardless of whether you subscribe through an intermediary service like Amazon Channels or directly from the Starz app.

You can watch a lot of movies and Starz originals for that price. Some examples include “Outlander,” “Power,” and “American Gods.” We’ll go into more detail below about that as well. Continue reading to learn more about everything in our Starz guide.

Starz Free Trial

How to sign up for the Starz Free Trial?

The simplest way you can prefer to get your 7-day Starz Free Trial is through their official App. This is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the official website of Starz.
  2. Click on the Start Your 7-day Starz Free Trial option on the official page.

Starz Free Trial

3. Create your Starz Account.

You can also log in to Starz using your Roku or Amazon Prime ID also, to get a free Starz subscription.

What are the other ways to get a Starz Free Trial?

Through the official website, you only get access to a 7-day Starz Free Trial. Whereas, through these other sources, you can get Starz Free Trial for up to 30 days.

1. 30-day Starz Free Trial with Roku

You are eligible for a 30-day Starz free trial if you purchase a new Roku device and access Starz within 30 days of purchase.

This is a good deal to keep in mind if you already own a Roku device or plan to buy one. It gives you access to Starz’s free 30-day trial and premium-grade content.
To begin, you must have just signed up for the Starz service. You will not be eligible if you have previously subscribed to Starz. This restriction can be circumvented by opening a new Starz account and making payments with a different credit card—perhaps a spouse’s or siblings.

Second, you must sign up using the Roku device’s Starz app. Since a new Roku does not come with the Starz app pre-installed, you will need to download and install it from the Roku Channel Store for free. You can carry out the action from your Roku device or through the web interface for the Roku Channel Store.

Starz Free Trial

2. Starz Free Trial with Amazon Prime

You will need to select Starz’s free trial separately through Amazon Prime if you want to use it.
Due to an agreement between Starz and Amazon Prime Channels, Amazon Prime members can try Starz for free for seven days.
All eligible Prime members who have not previously utilized the Amazon Starz Free Trial can take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

Starz Free Trial

3. Starz Free Trial with Hulu

You can also add Starz to your Hulu subscription as a Premium add-on. Starz will be free for seven days before paying $8.99 per month after the free trial ends. You also get a free 30-day trial of Hulu with the On-Demand base plans, which start at $6.99 per month.

To take advantage of the offer, you must be a new Starz subscriber via Hulu, just like with the other apps. You won’t be eligible if you’ve used Starz on Hulu before.

The underlying cost of using Hulu to watch Starz is the best part. The free trial can be applied to Hulu’s basic $6/month plan, making it significantly less expensive than watching from other sources.

Starz Free Trial

4. Starz Free Trial with Fubo TV

FuboTV is another way to sign up for a free Starz trial. Starz can be tried for free in two different ways through the service.

Even if you already have a Fubo subscription, you can still get a free trial of Starz if you haven’t signed up for the service before. You can watch all of the Starz originals and Hollywood movies that are available on the main Starz platform with the free trial.

Even better, even after the Starz via Fubo free trial ends, you can still get the first three months for just $5 per month. If you intend to remain a Starz customer for the foreseeable future, this makes Fubo one of the most appealing options for obtaining a free trial.

Starz Free Trial

5. 3-month Starz Free Trial with DirecTV

If you select the Starz add-on from DirecTV Stream, you will receive three months of Starz for free. If you don’t cancel before the trial ends, they will charge you $11.00 per month for this add-on. Plans for the service start at $54.99 per month for the first two months and go up to $69.99 per month with a free trial.


6. Starz Free Trial through Apple TV

You can try Starz for free for seven days if you subscribe directly through the Apple TV Channels or Android app. You will be charged $8.99 per month if you do not cancel your subscription before the testing period ends.

Starz Free Trial

How many devices can be used at a time during the Starz Free Trial?

You can access Starz on four devices with a single subscription that includes a Starz Free trial. On the other hand, you can only stream content to a maximum of two screens at once. To put it another way, you can’t stream on more than one screen with a single subscription. To add new devices, older ones can be taken out.

What to do after your Starz Free Trial expires?

No matter how you get your Starz free trial, it will eventually turn into a paid plan after the free trial ends.

As a result, you need to click the “cancel” button before the 30-day deadline to avoid having the charge applied to your credit card.

Since all platforms that offer a Starz free trial require you to provide information about your payment method, the Starz free trial automatically becomes a subscription.

The majority of the time, the purpose of asking for payment information when signing up for a free trial of a service is to facilitate a seamless transition to a paid subscription when the trial period ends. It means that unless you cancel before the free trial ends, your account will automatically transition to a paid membership.

The standard price for your first month will be charged to the payment method you entered at that point, and the date your free trial ends will now be your monthly billing date.

Payment Methods accepted by Starz

Starz accepts payments through most Credit and Debit Cards and through PayPal accounts too.

How to cancel a Starz subscription?

If you do not wish to continue with a Starz Subscription, you can choose to cancel your subscription. Follow these steps for the same:

  1. Go to the Starz Official site or open the Starz App.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click on the Settings icon in the Top left corner of the screen.
  4. Click on the Manage Subscriptions option.

Starz Free Trial

5. Click on the Cancel Subscription option.

Starz Free Trial

Confirm your cancelation once again and your Starz Account and subscription will get canceled.


Q.1. Can you get a Starz Free Trial for 3 months?

Ans. Yes, when you sign up for a new subscription, you get a 3-month Starz Free Trial.

Q.2. How much does Starz cost per month?

Ans. Starz is a premium streaming service for movies and television that costs $8.99 per month. Additionally, you can save 30% on the annual subscription, which costs $74.99 per year.

Q.3. Do you get a Starz subscription free with your cable connection?

Ans. Subscribers to Pay TV can download the Starz app for free. This means that you can access the app for free by logging in with your TV provider if Starz is included in your package.

Q.4. Can I cancel the Starz Free Trial?

Ans. Yes, you can end your Starz free trial at any time. The services will cease immediately if you cancel your subscription during the free trial. If you don’t cancel the free trial before it ends, you’ll be charged the full amount.


Starz is a great option for TV and film fans because it has a wide range of popular original shows as well as a wide range of other shows and movies. Additionally, the service typically provides a free seven-day Starz Free Trial, making it simple to give it a try without committing.

Starz works with Roku to provide you with a better trial version, which is available for all devices. Moreover, you can watch HBO programming. It will soon form a new partnership with Lionsgate and Sony to distribute its content right away after it comes out. Because of this, Starz is a useful app. It works great for devices and streaming without wires.

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