How to Cancel My Twitter Account?

Are you bored with Twitter? You may be thinking about how to cancel your Twitter account. Before making your plan to deactivate your Twitter account, you should know that Twitter is a hub for breaking news, funny memes, and a lot of other pieces of information which are instrumental to getting updated information for our daily life chores. But sometimes the 280-character microblogging platform works awkwardly for some reason so we like to say goodbye to it. Practically you have different ways to delete it forever.

Reasons to Cancel Twitter account

Generally, people do not like to cancel their Twitter accounts. The reason is that Twitter is very important for any internet user to communicate with the world. Moreover, if there is a chance of canceling the Twitter account, then there should be some kind of irritation on the horizon. It may be the owner of the Twitter account who is a victim of cyberbullying or cybercrime involvement; in this context, it is a wise option to cancel the Twitter account as well.

But, indeed, you should not cancel your Twitter account in a hurry because sometimes you could regret it later as well. It was found that some kind of restriction could be imposed on your Twitter account due to unethical activity with your Twitter account. The reason is that some kinds of activities like aggressively following and unfollowing people, posting a similar keyword-based message by applications or bots, sending automated tweets, and other reasons exist. You should know that Twitter is well-known for being the heaven of celebrities and breaking news. Therefore, it is quite different from other social media networks.

How to Cancel My Twitter Account?

It is found that the cancellation of Twitter is very easy, but there are some precautions you should take in your mind. The reason is that once you permanently cancel your Twitter account, you will have no option to return it. But the fact is that there is a provision if you deactivate your Twitter account for 30 days only, then you can reactivate your Twitter account again. Even if you still want to cancel your Twitter account forever, just follow that guideline as well. The cancellation procedure is stated below:

1. Using a Desktop or PC

1. Go to More from your Twitter screen

2. Tap on “Settings & Supports

3. Go to “Setting & Privacy”

4. Go to “Your Account

5. Tap on “Deactivate Account

6. Tap on “Deactivate

7. Put “Password” on the text box and tap the “Deactivate Account” button to confirm the request.

2. Using Mobile Device

1. Tap on the left top of the profile screen.

2. Go to “Settings & Privacy

3. Tap on “Your Account

4. Hit on “Deactivate Account

5. Type in your password and tap the “Deactivate Account” button to confirm the request.

What Happens When you Delete Twitter?

After deleting your Twitter account, some pieces of information are still available to the public for the next 30 days, and after that, the total deletion process will be completed successfully as well. One thing you should keep in mind is not to cancel your Twitter account in a hurry because it is a vital communication tool for keeping in contact with the social network. You should keep in mind that deactivate and deletion are different words and have different meanings. Because deactivation means not total deletion but rather that it is restricted for a couple of days from the public and sometimes gives people a change of heart, deletion means a complete deletion, which cannot be restored either.

Even after the deletion of your Twitter account, still, internet garbage about your details could be available in different search engines and you have to check its existence among all search engines if required to remove this garbage from them through direct communication with the search engines as well.


Canceling a Twitter account is necessary when a major complication arises, both to protect one’s identity from the public and minimize the effect of any complications. Even do not take a haste decision to deletion of Twitter unless it is necessary.

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