MacBook Student Discount 2023: Complete Steps Explained

Because Apple products are expensive, it is very important to find the best deals on MacBooks and other Apple devices. However, one that you might not be aware of is Apple’s student education discount, especially the MacBook Student Discount.

The concept is clear and aims to make it easier for more people, especially students to get their hands on Apple devices like iPads and MacBooks so they can use them for school, college, and university projects by giving them a discount. The good news is that applying for the Apple student discount is now even simpler and easier than it has ever been.

Fortunately, Apple’s Education Store has reduced the prices of some of its products for educational institutions. Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s MacBook student discount if you want to buy a new Mac or iPad to help with schoolwork.

Who is Eligible for the MacBook Student Discount?

MacBook student discounts are not available to everyone. Although it is not stated in detail on their website, their terms and conditions do.

The special educational pricing is available to the following people:

1. Students who are either enrolled in a higher education institution or accepted there
2. Parents of higher education students
3. Faculty, staff, homeschool teachers, school board members, and executives from any grade level.

You may be asked for proof that you qualify for the MacBook student discount, such as a valid receipt or your or your child’s school ID.

By asking the school to make the purchase, individuals who do not qualify, such as teenagers and younger children who attend school, may still receive a discount. Try Apple’s refurbished store if you aren’t eligible but still want to buy an Apple product at a lower price.

Is enrolling for the MacBook Student Discount worth it?

MacBooks are ideal for students due to their portability and power. Although the prices may not be ideal for the majority of students, older models are always available, and discounts are available.

With a variety of trackpad gestures and clever features like MagSafe charging, macOS offers a powerful set of built-in apps, and the hardware and software are more in tune than Windows machines.

Considering the otherwise high pricing for the normal MacBooks available in the market for people, when Apple offers an opportunity for students to get one of their popular devices for a discount price upon proving their enrollment as a student, It is worth choosing the MacBook Student Discount.

How much can students save using the MacBook Student Discount?

When using Apple’s discount, students and other education affiliates can save an average of $100 per device.

  1. MacBook Air begins at $999, whereas MacBook Air Education begins at $899.
  2. MacBook Pros start at $1,999, while MacBook Pros for education start at $1,299

What are the other Apple devices that are available at discount devices?

Apart from the MacBook Student Discount, Apple offers discount prices for many of its other devices, for the benefit of students.

The Apple devices available in the Student Discount package along with their discount prices are as follows:

  1. iMac: from $1299 to $1249
  2. Mac mini: from $699 to $649
  3. Mac Studio: $1,999 to $1,799
  4. Studio Display: $1,599 to $1,499
  5. Prop Display XDR: $4,999 to $4,599
  6. Mac Pro: from $5,999 to $5,599
  7. iPad Pro: from $799 to $749
  8. iPad Air: from $599 to $549
  9. iPad: from $329 to $309
  10. iPad mini: from $499 to $449

How to Get MacBook Student Discount in the US?

In the United States, using your student discount is simple and almost identical to purchasing at the Apple Store. Simply visit the Apple Education Store website and select the MacBook you wish to purchase from the list.

When you click on a product, a new page opens up where you can select a configuration and add it to your basket. You simply check out as usual from the basket. Since Apple does not appear to be checking any student IDs at any point, there is not much to it.

Having said that, it’s always a good idea to keep your ID on you just in case Apple asks for proof that you’re a college student, teacher, or parent of a college student. In a similar vein, if you purchase at the Apple Store itself, you can anticipate that the staff will want to verify your credentials before completing your transaction.

How to Get MacBook Student Discount in the UK?

You’ll need to be willing to go through some hoops before you can save money on any Apple products because Apple U.K. isn’t as trusting as Apple U.S.

The student discount portal UNiDAYS is the main way to check your eligibility. UNiDAYS is available to staff and students alike, and you will need to verify your account with the university you work at. This procedure can be initiated directly or via a link at the top of the Apple for Education website.

To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for an account in UNiDAYS with your e-mail and then enter the name of the University you have been enrolled in, the duration of your course, and which year of study you currently are in.

2. You will be presented with the choice of either verifying your account with your University account portal or via email.

3. Upon completion of the verification, you can go back to the Apple Education website, link your UNiDAYS account to confirm your eligibility, and get access to the MacBook Student Discount.

However, if that sounds like too much work, you can contact Apple directly to confirm your eligibility. For this to work, you’ll need a university ID or an acceptance letter. You can get them by calling Apple at 0800 048 0408, going to an Apple store near you, or using the company’s online chat feature.

How to Get MacBook Student Discount in India?

To get access to the MacBook Student Discount in India, you need to have a valid college ID Card and you must not be above 25 years of age. The Student Discount pricing is for students who belong to Class 10 and above.

The Discount can be availed at any Apple Store offline, using your college ID Card. However, if you find it difficult to get a discount from the Apple Stores in your area, you can choose the online method.

Follow these steps to get your MacBook Student Discount online:

  1. Go to the Apple Education Store on your web browser.
  2. Click on the ‘Start Shopping’ option which is visible below, on the page.

3. On the next page, click on ‘Get Started’ and sign up with UNiDAYS to verify your student status. Enter your e-mail and password and choose other details to create the UNiDAYS account.

4. Enter the details of your institution and your course of study.

5. Next, upload your college ID Card issued by the university.

6. Once your student status has been verified, you will be getting access to the MacBook Student Discount on the Apple India Education Store.

AppleCare+ along with the Student Discount

When you buy your MacBook, a one-year limited warranty is included for free. Consider signing up for AppleCare+ to further safeguard the safety of your device.

AppleCare+ is a warranty extension. When you opt-in, it offers additional advantages and benefits. After the limited warranty period has expired, AppleCare+ provides additional protection for your devices, including the following:

Long wait times are reduced by having priority access to technical support around the clock. Global coverage for repair for up to two incidents of accidental damage each calendar year.

To get the most out of your Apple devices, take advantage of student discounts for AppleCare+. Traditionally, Apple has offered a 20% discount during their back-to-school promotion, which typically begins in June and lasts until September.

Free Apple AirPods for students along with MacBook Student Discount

Previously, Apple provided eligible purchases made with education pricing to students in exchange for AirPods. This has always been the case, even though there is currently no official confirmation as to whether they will continue doing so this year.

Although eligible products may have changed from last year, the following savings were listed as additional upgrade cost and promotion savings:

1. AirPods with a case for charging: $0/$129
2. AirPods with a case for wireless charging: $40/$129
3. Pro AirPods: $90/$129.


Q.1. Who qualifies for the MacBook Student Discount?

Ans. Special pricing is available to individuals working in education, including university students, accepted students, parents purchasing goods for university students, and faculty and staff.

Q.2. Do students get free Airpods?

Ans. Students and educators at universities can save money on eligible iPads and MacBooks through Apple’s MacBookStudent Discount. AirPods (Gen 2) and six months of Apple Music are also free as part of this offer.

Q.3. Do you need proof of the Student discount?

Ans. Yes, you need to provide your College ID Card for the verification of your student status.

Q.4. Can high school students get a MacBook Student discount?

Ans. As long as you are enrolled in a post-secondary education (or high school) institution like a college or university and can prove it with some form of proof or a student ID, you should be eligible for the student discount.


Students can save money on productivity-oriented products like the iPad and Mac through the MacBook Student Discount.

If you are a student, investing in a powerful device that is compatible and able to run the most advanced software may give you a competitive edge. An Apple Education discount may assist in slashing a significant amount from the price tag, making the price a little more student-friendly if the steep price discourages you from purchasing a MacBook or other Apple devices.

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